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Next-Generation 3PL Solutions

High-value inventory demands white-glove packaging, enhanced security, quality control, and meeting tight deadlines.

Envoy Source manages the most critical contract packaging, fulfillment, and logistics projects through our process-driven, customer-centric approach.


We offer a complete suite of process-efficient and rigorously controlled solutions to accommodate the specific packaging needs of your high-value products.


Customers expect a timely shipment delivered in perfect condition and full transparency during the fulfillment and shipping process.


Modernize your end-to-end logistics operations with state-of-the-art warehousing, inventory management, shipping, and more.

Envoy Source Logistics

About Us

We Excel at Solving Your Logistic Needs

Envoy Source is committed to developing highly effective processes for each step in the internal supply chain by incorporating Lean principles into everything we do. Our highly talented team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and communication at all levels. We leverage our high performing workforce and next generation logistics technology to fulfill your business needs.

We seek perfection as an outcome from the processes we develop to ensure we achieve all customer expectations. Continuous improvement is weaved into the culture of our entire workforce and organization. This sets us apart from our competitors and makes us one of North America’s fastest growing warehousing and logistics companies.

Quality Record


Our attention to detail and precision quality control deliver near flawless executions.

Custom Volumes

30,000 Capacity

We meet daily volume requirements with single piece flow assembly while ensuring world class quality.

High-Value Experts

Proven Process

Our proven approach handles complex jobs with white-glove handling and attention to detail.

Our Mission

Process Driven, Customer Focused

Our commitment to problem-solving, from operational details to strategic challenges, brings a custom-tailored solution to your logistics needs. Our exacting processes, rigorous performance, and top-notch people make us the right fit for companies with specialized needs.

Envoy Source: Development


Each project begins with a strategic plan that specifies the business objectives, bill of materials, component steps, and quality controls.

Envoy Source: Receiving


We manage in-bound inventories through our EDI system and send customers a detailed report of shipments received into inventory at our warehouse.

Envoy Source: Packaging


We tailor our production lines to manage the complexity and sensitivity of your products. We scan and label each package for quality control and management.

Envoy Source: Ship & Report

Ship & Report

We package based on your exacting requirements, update you daily, and check finished packages to a gram of accuracy during inspection. You receive a detailed report for all outbound shipments.

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